Roland Mas, informatique libre


I propose a wide range of services covering a large part of free software-related computing. The following are but examples, and other kinds of services can be provided on demand.

Development and customisation

Free software being flexible by essence, it is often advisable to adapt it to existing infrastructures or specific needs. It's also extensible, allowing to develop extra features that could be considered missing from the original software. These customisations are not under the control of a monopoly, but can be undertaken by third parties.

Deployment and migration

Even if the feature set of some piece of software is appropriate for a given purpose, one needs to consider how to actually deploy the software to its users, or migrate data to it (whether from a previous version or from an altogether different software). These tasks are not necessarily trivial, and experience can make them quicker, less risky, and less prone to long downtime of important services.

Maintenance and support

I'm also available for helping with, or handling, maintenance of installed services. This can include various tasks, from basic system administration (backups, updates, monitoring) to problem solving or help with local problems.


Various kinds of training sessions can be organised; they'll be tailored to the particular needs of attendees, both in relation to prerequisites and to main focus.


Having participated in numerous projects along the years, I have been in contact with various problems and involved in various solutions. I can therefore provide counseling for a number of technical choices, or help in many stages of projects, from specification to deployment.