Roland Mas, informatique libre


The FusionForge software

FusionForge is a Free collaborative development application. It helps organise and manage project development teams distributed among various locations, while being flexible enough to respect the existing constraints. FusionForge is the continuation of the GForge project as Free Software; the renaming was intended to lift any possible misinterpretations between GForge and its proprietary rewrites known as GForge Advanced Server, GForge Express Edition and GForge Community Edition. FusionForge integrates in a single application three of the essentials parts of collaborative work:

All these tools are used and managed through a web interface, which allows for simple usage without requiring any particular homogeneity of the workstations. They can also be switched on and off at will, so that FusionForge can be used in the most appropriate way given the existing work methods.

My FusionForge services

My FusionForge-specific offering spans four main service types:

Obviously, I'm not limiting my offerings to these "standard" services. I've been working with and on GForge/FusionForge (and FusionForge-like tools) for years, in very different contexts, each one having its own culture, tools and methods. I can therefore provide consulting services in a variety of themes, ranging from very FusionForge-specific to more general collaborative work methods.