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The Debian project is a gathering of more than a thousand developers around the world working together on a free (as in Free Software) operating system, called Debian GNU/Linux (and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and Debian GNU/Hurd, even though those aren't quite as mature yet). A shared passion for high levels of quality ensures the resulting system is greatly renowned for its design and stability.

Debian contains a huge array of software (more than 15,000 packages), all integrated in a consistent and reliable system working the same way across a large spectrum of hardware architectures.

My Debian services

I propose a wide range of Debian-related services; they can be roughly split into two main categories:

My role in the project

I'm an official developer of the Debian project, and have been since 2001. My work inside Debian is mostly about maintaining the GForge/FusionForge packages, but I'm also responsible for a few others. Additionnally, I'm an administrator on Alioth, the GForge/FusionForge instance dedicated to Debian and related projects, and I lend a hand on various tasks when the need arises.

That doesn't mean all the packages I prepare are part of the Debian distribution. Some are "backports" to the stable distribution, some are test packages for unstable software, and some may well not enter the distribution at all (that includes packages that clients wish to keep private). Some of these unofficial packages are available on my APT repository — beware, they may not be fully tested yet.