Roland Mas, informatique libre


The best way to reach me is e-mail sent to Roland Mas <>. Feel free to contact me, whether to ask for more informations about my proposed services, request a quote, or to start a job (if you're already convinced I'm your man).

Should you want to discuss private or secret matters, I suggest you encrypt your e-mail to me using the 4096R/0C9D3A98 GnuPG key (details follow).

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I currently live near Montpellier, France, which makes it easy for me to work in most of Southern France. But modern means of transportation allow for jobs in places such as Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Toulouse or Bordeaux, or actually mostly anywhere in the world, provided matters are discussed and arranged beforehand. Depending on the job, it might be easier to telecommute, though.