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About this site


My legal work status is as a freelancer, duly registered in France in the "Information systems counseling" category under "SIREN" number 450 497 052 (since 2003). Oh, and while you're here: I happen to think that Gnurandal is a cool name, but it's also a registered trademark. So there.

About this site


This site was entirely hand-woven from only the finest lovingly recycled electrons. No proprietary software was harmed (or even used) during its making, and it's prepared, maintained and hosted on various boxes running Debian GNU/Linux. (If you really want to know: Emacs, WML and Apache.)

This site is best viewed with any browser that complies with the web standards (XHTML and CSS). Its layout uses CSS rather than tables, and the character set is Unicode (in its UTF-8 encoding). Interoperability and accessibility are important concepts that I believe should be respected (and promoted) on the web, although they aren't always. Admittedly, some browsers don't really support standards, but that shouldn't be a reason to design browser-specific sites. I'm told some versions of Internet Explorer handle CSS badly. If this happens to you, I would like to emphasize that modern, standards-compliant browsers exist in great numbers. To name but a few: Konqueror, Opera, and of course Mozilla and its derivatives Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany, Camino, Firebird, and probably others.

This site is available in several languages and uses content negociation. The page your browser displays depends on its configuration, and most browsers provide a setting allowing you to choose an order of preference for languages.

One last thing: this site doesn't use any GIF files. The GIF format is somewhat dependent on some patents, or used to be until recently. Its legal status isn't quite clear yet, so this site only uses images under the PNG format. It is of course an open and free format (which also happens to be technically superior).